Guiding Principles


NuRock exists to help our residents improve their lot in life. We work at understanding their needs and expectations and we provide services and programs to meet them. We measure the effectiveness of these services by feedback provided by our residents and progress measured towards our goals. We strive to continually improve the quality of our process.


At NuRock, we are committed to openness and honesty. Our character as a responsive and responsible organization is reflected in each of our dealings with our residents.


At NuRock, we are all members of a team, committed to carrying out our mission. We consider our teammates in our actions while recognizing and appreciating the contributions of everyone. We understand that we must utilize the ideas and efforts of all if we are to achieve our vision.


At NuRock, we value each other, our teammates, and the members of our community. We treat our residents, employees, representatives, collaborators, vendors, community businesses, and the environment in which we live and work, with respect.


At NuRock, we recognize the importance of being financially sound. We manage our resources in a manner that reflects the highest integrity in our spending and decision making.


At NuRock, we are all held accountable for our words and commitments to our responsibilities. We engage in high context communications with everyone involved in our business as often as possible. When an occasion arises in which we are unable to fulfill a promise or commitment, we communicate with the concerned party immediately.


At NuRock, we believe that the details make up the big picture; these details create the foundation upon which our success is built. If we take care of the ‘details’ that are within our control, then the bigger issues are often much easier to understand, which allows for quicker resolution.

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